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Choosing the Perfect Foundation

A simple but crucial decision for women who wear create your brand custom eyelash is choosing the perfect foundation for her face. To decide one foundation is the best match for her skin is a hard thing to do, the word match here can be for the shade, coverage, price, skin type, texture, and even what contained inside a foundation can be a problem.

create your brand custom eyelash
create your brand custom eyelash

Makeup today is not about how to make you look like you are wearing another layer of colorful skin on top of your real skin; it is about how to make you look like you did not wear any makeup at all. To achieve a natural look in this case “a no create your brand custom eyelash ” face but still revealing your skin at its best, you will need a good foundation that really suits you.

The most basic and essential is to choose which shade suits your skin color. You will need a foundation that matches or close to your skin real color. Best way to know if a foundation shade matches your skin tone is to try it on, do not, I repeat do not try it on the back of your hand and not on your cheek, try it along your jaw line.

Next is coverage, it all depends on your skin imperfections that need to cover. The more imperfections, then the heavier the coverage. As for the price, all depends on your budget. Usually a high end create your brand custom eyelash brand, has more shade options to match the skin tone. Your skin type also helps in deciding your perfect foundation. A water-based foundation is suitable for oily skin, and oil-based foundation works best on dry skin or wrinkled skin.

Texture is all about how easy you use the foundation. A foundation can be found in liquid form that apply easily and dry to a satiny finish. Creamy foundation has a greasy appearance and provide better coverage than liquid. A stick foundation can also works as a concealer, and has variety range of coverage from sheer to heavy. Last but not least is compact foundation, usually used for touch-ups and finishing to set the base foundation and powder in place and last longer.

For some women with sensitive skin, what contained inside a foundation is also a major problem. Silicones that can be found on an oil-free foundation can become a big problem for acne prone skin, because they can clog pores and cause breakouts.

In the end, one foundation that suits another woman, may not suitable for another woman. You yourself knows what is best for your skin, and a good foundation can be a good investment for your appearance so choose create your brand custom eyelash.

create your brand custom eyelash
create your brand custom eyelash

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