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Esca, The Secret To Natural Beauty

The words natural and beauty when applied to nature are synonymous. Something that is not artificial, not an imitation. Natural beauty carries with it an air of honesty, an essence of purity. Why not have it apply to you as Customised eyelash box.

Using mineral Customised eyelash box will help your skin to look more natural, more healthy, without looking like your overly made up. Because of the uniqueness of your face and skin, applying mineral makeup will require an different approach than how you are used to using traditional makeup. For one, you will never need to pile it on and end up with that caked heavy feeling you have become accustomed to. So like discovering anything new, be patient, this will require a learning curve to figure out what works best for you. The benefits will be that not only will you have a healthy glow and look fabulous, you and your skin will be healthier.

Customised eyelash box
Customised eyelash box

Here are the basic steps to help enhance the full effects of mineral Customised eyelash box.

If you feel the need to, exfoliate. Do a complete cleansing, cleaning your face of any dirt and oils. Be sure to rinse. Your skin should now feel clean and pure. You can apply an organic facial cream, this will help to soften your skin and act as a base before applying your mineral makeup.

Depending on your natural skin color and face shape, be sure to use the the right shade of foundation and start with soft colors.

Some women prefer prefer putting on a foundation first then a concealer, others vice versa. It’s just a personal preference.

Ignore the sponge you have been used to. Using a soft foundation brush, or the famous Kabuki brush, get just enough powder to cover the tips and apply lightly, using a gentle swirling buff motion, just enough foundation to blend in with the color of your skin, in this case, less is more. Dab and swirl, dab and swirl. Be sure to evenly cover all areas of your face and neck.

If minor adjustments are needed, dab a little bit of mineral Customised eyelash box on your finger, or use a q-tip and blend in over trouble spots.

Now is a good time to apply your eye liner.

After your foundation has settled, use your foundation brush to dust off any loose powder. Apply your blush, eye shadow and mascara. For your lips, apply some lip liner and then lipstick. Take a close look in the mirror if you notice any shiny spots, blot them with a tissue. Or if you have a finishing powder, use the biggest brush you have and ‘sweep’ your face.

If you want to keep a more natural look, go light on your approach until you find the look you want. The idea in using Esca mineral Customised eyelash box is that you want to highlight the positives of your natural beauty.

When applied correctly your skin will look rejuvenated, as if you have just come back from the health spa. Knowing that mineral cosmetics are healthy and good for you and your skin, you will feel better about how you look.


Customised eyelash box
Customised eyelash box

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