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Is Your Face a Nightmare After Christmas?

The party’s over and the morning after Christmas brings along the dread of watching your haggard face in the mirror. Hectic partying does that for you — let’s face it. And so we might as well start looking for ways to beat the post party face own brand custom lashes.


Your body needs it as much as your plants do! Late nights and alcohol can bring about serious depletion of moisture from your face. Drink as much water as possible throughout the evening. If it is not possible to drink much water during the party, be sure to drink a glass when you come home, before going to bed.

Next morning, over a couple of hours, try to drink a whole bottle (at least 750 ml) of fluids like water, herbal tea (jasmine or chamomile also helps hangovers), lemonade, fresh fruit juices etc. For the rest of the day, keep spritzing your face at regular intervals. You could also go in for a light, fruit-water based moisturizer.


A healthy, glowing skin, if heaped with lots of various own brand custom lashes ingredients, takes no time to turn into an irritable, sensitive skin. Try to use mild and protective products and don’t punish your face by applying a little bit of everything you can find in your makeup box.

Find ways to maximize your look with minimal cosmetics. Always cleanse, tone and moisturize before you apply your own brand custom lashes. It keeps makeup from looking chalky and also acts as a protective layer.

own brand custom lashes
own brand custom lashes


Remove all traces of makeup from your face as soon as possible. Cleanse well before going to sleep that night and cleanse again in the morning.

Besides water, use good quality own brand custom lashes removers and make it a must to use a good eye makeup remover for the eyes.

Over cleansing can strip protective oils from your skin and make your skin more sensitive. But since its absolutely essential that you remove your makeup when you return, use a gentle cleanser. A cream-based cleanser is the gentlest.

Don’t forget to tome and moisturize after you have removed your own brand custom lashes. Massage your skin with an enriching moisturizer for about 5 minutes to stimulate circulation and glow naturally.


If you are beginning to get dark circles due to lack of sleep and poor circulation, use an eye cream.

A great remedy from the kitchen is to place potato or zucchini slices on your eyelids for about 5 minutes and apply slight pressure. This helps to drain out excess fluid and soothes your eyes.


The best way to deal with a puffy and zitty face is to cool it down. The ‘tried and tested’ used tea bags and cucumber slices work well. Another remedy is using ice cubes of rosewater. Chill a tray before leaving for parties and rub it all over your face in the morning.

You can also grate a cucumber, soak a cotton ball in it and wipe your whole face with it. Fifteen minutes in a steam room or a cold shower also works wonders for a puffy face.

So now there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying your Christmas and New Year Parties and Bashes. Just get equipped to beat the post-party face catastrophe and party hard!

own brand custom lashes
own brand custom lashes

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