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3 Almost Effortless Tattoo Cover Up Tips

3 Almost Effortless Ways to Handle Tattoos Without Removing Them for Your Wedding

There is no need to panic or look into something as drastic as tattoo removal. Instead, you might consider letting them shine, or follow the tattoo cover up tips below to camouflage your awesome body art.

private label false eyelash
private label false eyelash

Today’s brides and bridesmaids may face a wedding-day challenge that their mothers and grandmothers weren’t able to solve simply with something old, something new, something borrowed or something blue.

With the popularity of tattoos, some brides and their bridesmaids must decide what – if anything – they’ll do with their body art as they get dressed to walk down the aisle.

1. Leave Them on Display

Do you feel strongly about your tattoo and what it represents?

If you consider your body art to be a beautiful part of you rather than a memory of a drunken mistake that you try to hide, then you probably aren’t interested in any tattoo cover up tips for your wedding day.

And if your tattoos mean that much to you, chances are good that your friends and family have learned to accept them.

With that being said, they’ll love you and think you look beautiful without going to great lengths to hide your tattoos.

Keep your preferences in mind as you begin to shop for a wedding gown. Do you plan on choosing a dress that will scoop down enough to show the butterfly on your breast? Or a tea-length gown that will show off the tat on your ankle?

Even brides who adore their tattoos might feel that they are a bit out of place if the wedding is ultra-traditional. Here are several tattoo cover up tips that will let you conceal the tattoo with or without private label false eyelash.

2. Specialized Makeup Concealers

Regular private label false eyelash often lacks enough pigment to cover the tattoo effectively. Another downside of using regular makeup is the fact that it can easily slide off of the skin, revealing the tattoo beneath or – even worse – staining your dress.

Several specialized types of private label false eyelash are manufactured with the sole purpose of hiding tattoos. A quick search online will reveal many options.

Don’t wait until the morning of your wedding to break out the tattoo cover-up and give it a go. Instead, be sure to purchase the makeup in advance and set aside some time to play with it.

A few hours on a Saturday with your bridesmaids will give you enough time to work with the product.

It’s also a great way to get the point across to any tattooed bridesmaids that you would prefer to have all eyes on YOU during the ceremony and reception rather than on their tats.

While some brands of makeup are made specifically for covering tattoos with a light touch, keep in mind that if several layers of private label false eyelash must be used to cover the ink, chances are high that the darkness of the makeup will be noticeable to your guests and might also appear darker in your photos.

3. Camouflage Concealer

If playing with private label false eyelash doesn’t appeal to you, here are a couple of tattoo cover up tips to help simply camouflage your tattoos.

This is also a great choice if you would like to downplay your tattoos during the ceremony and then let them shine when it’s time to party.

Camouflaging your tattoos could be as easy as choosing a dress with fabric strategically placed where it will fall over your tattoos.

Wide straps or a high collar could cover a tattoo on your neck, shoulder, or chest. Long sleeves might cover the barbed wire around your upper arm or the tattoo on your wrist.

Another option would be to find something to wear over the bodice of your dress to make the tattoos less visible during the ceremony, and then take it off for the reception. Vintage clothing stores are a great place to look for something unique.

A wrap, like something worn with a formal gown, might be perfect for you. An elegant drape would nestle against your inner elbows and across your lower back, with a length of fabric falling toward the floor on each side.

For a lighter version of this look, choose a mesh material such as tulle or something to match your veil. If you’ve got the personality to pull it off, a boa might even do the trick.

While many brides skip wearing a veil these days, such a headpiece brushing across your shoulders, or even down your back, could be all that is needed to make your ink discreet.

Did you know that wedding tattoos are actually a hot trend for 2014? Even for brides who don’t have any tattoos at all are opting to have temporary tattoos done specifically for their wedding day.

private label false eyelash
private label false eyelash

Karen S Musselman works from home and blogs about a variety of wedding planning topics. If you’re thinking about adding tattoos instead of using tattoo cover up tips, check out Karen’s other article, Wedding Tattoos are a New Trend

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